Windows Boot Error 0xC0000001 (ARM)

Reason for TSG:  The VM screenshot shows error 0xC0000001.

This is due to a BCD corruption

Suggested Fix:

1) Delete the broken VM and attach it to a recovery machine

2) Open up an elevated CMD and gather the current booting setup info and document it on the case. You will see that on the windows partition (the other partition than {bootmgr} ), both the DEVICE and OSDEVICE values are missing. Furthermore, we will use this step to take note of the identifier on the active partition

bcdedit /store :bootbcd /enum

3) Then run the following commands:

bcdedit /store :bootbcd /set {bootmgr} device partition=

bcdedit /store :bootbcd /set {bootmgr} integrityservices enable

bcdedit /store :bootbcd /set {} device partition=

bcdedit /store :bootbcd /set {} integrityservices enable

bcdedit /store :bootbcd /set {} recoveryenabled Off

bcdedit /store :bootbcd /set {} osdevice partition=

bcdedit /store :bootbcd /set {} bootstatuspolicy IgnoreAllFailures

Note: The identifier could be Default or a GUID such as 32ebc729-6296-41b0-9750-5d275c7f5439

Here is a sample of what it should look like:

bcdedit /store G:bootbcd /set {bootmgr} device partition=G:

bcdedit /store G:bootbcd /set {bootmgr} integrityservices enable

bcdedit /store G:bootbcd /set {32ebc729-6296-41b0-9750-5d275c7f5439} device partition=F:

bcdedit /store G:bootbcd /set {32ebc729-6296-41b0-9750-5d275c7f5439} integrityservices enable

bcdedit /store G:bootbcd /set {32ebc729-6296-41b0-9750-5d275c7f5439} recoveryenabled Off

bcdedit /store G:bootbcd /set {32ebc729-6296-41b0-9750-5d275c7f5439} osdevice partition=F:

bcdedit /store G:bootbcd /set {32ebc729-6296-41b0-9750-5d275c7f5439} bootstatuspolicy IgnoreAllFailures

5) Detach the disk from the recovery machine

6) Recreate the VM from now the fixed OS disk

Author: micahmckittrick

28 years old. Azure Engineer @Microsoft